Ligia’s Kitchen: raw vegan tiramisu

Here’s a quick video recipe from Ligia for a raw vegan tiramisu that can be made in a few minutes using a blender. Bon appetit!

Raw tiramisu

Ligia’s Kitchen: a raw vegan glazed-chocolate cake topped with edible flowers

We upped our game for this episode of Ligia’s Kitchen and filmed it with five cameras. It was a bit nerve-wracking but the end result was worth it. Bon appetit!

Poze de la Raw Generation Expo Cluj, Ediția II

Here are over 500 photos from the latest edition of our Raw Generation Expo. It’s one of our worthwhile projects, an event through which we promote healthy foods and a balanced life. This one took place in Cluj-Napoca and it was the second regional edition we held there. We’re coming up on twelve national editions and this one makes six regional editions. Here’s to a good life for everyone!

Ligia Pop

Raw Generation Expo Cluj a fost un eveniment extraordinar de bine primit, care a incununat cu succes seria expozitiilor de anul acesta. Am avut parte peste 40 de expozanti (mai multi ca la prima editie) si in ambele zile foarte multi vizitatori fericiti. Mai jos puteti vedea o parte din pozele de la eveniment. Multumim Cluj-Napoca pentru primirea frumoasa si ne revedem in toamna lui 2017!

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Poze de la Raw Generation Iași, Ediția II

Here’s what my wife and I did this past weekend. Raw Generation Expo is one of our worthwhile projects, an event through which we promote healthy foods and a balanced life.

Ligia Pop

Toamna aceasta Raw Generation Expo a poposit la Iasi, un oras drag sufletului meu si la care m-am reintors cu cea mai mare bucurie! Multumesc celor care au ajutat la organizare, mai exact echipa Verde Bun dar si expozantilor care s-au implicat cu trup si suflet pentru realizarea aceastei editii!

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Ligia’s Kitchen: a raw vegan dessert from whipped cream and blackberries

In this episode, Ligia makes a quick and delicious dessert from raw vegan whipped cream and blackberries, sweetened with Green Sugar, an all-natural powdered sweetener made from stevia, with none of the stevia after-taste.

Sources of vegan protein

I get asked quite often how I get my protein as a vegan (raw vegan). First of all, if your diet is diversified enough, you’ll get plenty of protein from the foods that you eat, but if you also work out and you want to add extra protein, here are the sources that I’ve tried.

In the order they appear in the video, these sources of vegan and raw vegan protein are:

Ligia’s Kitchen: A raw vegan spaghetti dish

Here’s one of Ligia’s raw vegan dishes: freshly cut vegetable spaghetti with a raw vegan sauce, perfectly seasoned as usual. Bon appetit!

Ligia’s Kitchen: Raw hummus from sunflower seeds

Here’s a raw vegan hummus recipe prepared by my lovely wife from sunflower seeds. I can assure you, as usual, that it’s delicious. She’s made it for us many times. Enjoy!

Ligia’s Kitchen: Raw tzatziki

Here’s a short and easy recipe for raw vegan tzatziki, which is a great summer appetizer:

Ligia’s Kitchen: Raw Mint Ice Cream

We published the eighteenth episode of Ligia’s Kitchen today. It’s a delicious and refreshing summer recipe: mint ice cream, made from raw cashews and fresh mint, handpicked from our own garden.

This episode marks a first for me. It’s the first edited with Final Cut Pro X, the new version of FCP. I figured the best way to learn it was to jump right in and do some work, and this eighteenth episode is the result.

LK-018-RO-HD with English subtitles
Released 7/5/11


Ligia’s Kitchen: A raw zucchini spaghetti dish

We published the seventeenth episode of Ligia’s Kitchen tonight. It’s an already popular recipe of Ligia’s, loved by all who try it at her culinary demonstrations. It’s already been featured on national TV in Romania, several times, so we thought it was high time to film it for the show. It’s raw spaghetti, made from zuchinni, though any member of the squash family will do. Naturally, the spaghetti sauce is also raw.

Bon appetit!

LK-017-RO-HD with English subtitles
Released 5/22/11

Ligia’s Kitchen: Green Smoothie

We (Ligia and I) present episode 16 of Ligia’s Kitchen, published for your viewing pleasure late last night. It shows you how to make a nutritious green smoothie. The green smoothie is, of course, a basic raw vegan recipe, but one which is often prepared incorrectly. If the fruits and vegetables used as its ingredients aren’t properly selected, the wrong combinations might give you indigestion or flatulence… While most men enjoy a little potty humor, it’s never funny when others are laughing about us, so do take care to observe this recipe — or other well-known green smoothie recipes — properly.

There is one small correction to the video, which we only observed in the final editing step. It’s only noticeable for those who speak Romanian. Ligia says at one point we should “alter” the kinds of green leafy vegetables used in the green smoothie. What she meant to say was “alternate”, or switch between various kinds of leafy vegetables, so as to offer some needed variety in the taste of this daily drink.

LK-016-RO-HD with English subtitles
Released 5/2/11