Apricots from our garden

This is the second year our apricot tree has given us fruits. Last year it tested the waters with 3-4 fruits but this year it has given us lots of delicious, juicy apricots. I don't think I've ever tasted better apricots: lots of aroma, soft, juicy and beautiful. We use no pesticides or fertilizers in [...]

Ligia’s Kitchen: How to Open and Clean a Pomegranate

In this new year, we thought we'd do something a bit different for Ligia's Kitchen, and we started to create how-to videos that are kitchen and cooking-related. They're shorter in length than our regular episodes, they're right to the point and they show you, clearly, how to do certain things. Our first installment is this, [...]

Fresh strawberries, first batch this season

At this morning's breakfast, we had fresh strawberries from our garden. It was the first ripe batch this season, picked just minutes before we ate them. No artificial ripeners or chemicals used in our garden, I can tell you that! Forgive the inferior quality of the photos; they were taken with my mobile phone, a [...]

Larriland Farm, Maryland

Larriland Farm is a place where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables. It's in Woodbine, Maryland, well into the countryside, so it's a nice getaway from the city. They use integrated pest management techniques to grow their crops, which means insecticides are only used as a last resort. This makes their fruits and [...]