Here’s a delicious recipe that Ligia loves to make for us: a strawberry-banana shake:

Strawberries are ripe and ready to be picked in our garden! This means, among other delicious things, that we’ve made a wonderful recipe for you, a raw twist on the traditional Strawberries and Cream dessert.

Released 6/7/12

The cream is made from cashews, honey, lemon juice and water, and you pour it over freshly picked and sliced strawberries.



Fresh strawberries, first batch this season

At this morning’s breakfast, we had fresh strawberries from our garden. It was the first ripe batch this season, picked just minutes before we ate them. No artificial ripeners or chemicals used in our garden, I can tell you that!

Forgive the inferior quality of the photos; they were taken with my mobile phone, a Nokia X3-02. (If you’re thinking about getting it for its 5 megapixel camera, don’t.)