A little while ago, we heard about a contest Google had announced, called the YouTube Next Chef Program. We immediately thought about Ligia’s cooking show, Ligia’s Kitchen, and what a great fit that would be for the contest. Ligia applied, but didn’t think she’d win, particularly because the field of applicants was global, and the program promised to be exceptionally good in terms of the training and rewards offered. I had a gut feeling about it, I knew we’d put in the hard work needed to produce a quality show and felt we had a really good chance.

The contest winners would receive a 12-week training course in improving the quality and content of their videos, in marketing and promoting their videos and shows, and would also receive a package worth about $15,000 in exposure across YouTube and in new video equipment.

Time passed quickly and last week, we found out to our amazement that she’d been chosen as one of the 16 winners! I couldn’t believe it! For her, it was nothing short of a miracle. For me it was a confirmation of our efforts.

We got in touch with the folks at YouTube to find out the details, and were advised to be ready to receive inquiries from the American media. Sure enough, on Tuesday night around 1 am our time, we were talking with a journalist from the Sun Sentinel, the biggest paper in South Florida, who then wrote about Ligia on his blog. From what we understand, Ligia will also be mentioned or featured in the printed version of the newspaper within a few days.

We couldn’t say anything until yesterday, when the official announcement was made on the YouTube blog. We can’t thank Google enough, and Ligia can’t wait for the courses to begin! I’ll join in on the courses as well and look forward to learning new things.

You can watch all the episodes of our show, Ligia’s Kitchen, here. And if you’re not yet subscribed to Ligia’s channel or her website, let me invite you now to do so.

6 thoughts on “Ligia was chosen for YouTube’s Next Chef program!

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  2. Congrats Raoul. And the missus too, of course. I’ll be honest – raw vegan food isn’t my cup of tea! So I haven’t watched all the vids. But those I have are very slickly produced. You’ve earned the award.


    • Thanks Gary! What you may not realize is that when you’re eating guacamole or salsa or a salad or pickles, you’re eating raw vegan food. 🙂


      • The guacamole was one of those I did watch. Having lived in Mexico for so long, I consider myself a bit of a guacamole connoisseur! It’s only raw vegan food until I’ve spread it on a juicy big steak… 🙂


  3. kellogs says:

    ah, works pays off, eh ? Looks like a very pleasant 12 weeks of licking your fingers lies ahead for you 🙂


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