It snowed today

We had a beautiful snowfall today -- just gorgeous. Big, fluffy snowflakes kept coming down for what seemed like (and probably was) hours. When it was done, we had a thick, white blanket of fresh powder everywhere. Tree branches and leaves were heavy-laden with the white stuff. It clung to everything, weighing it down, bringing … Continue reading It snowed today

Quirky music videos

I like quirky, odd music videos, alongside the well-made, polished commercial stuff. My latest favorites from YouTube are enclosed below. The Kooks have some pretty good music. Here they cover Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy": This Japanese group put together a stop-motion animation video set to something that could be called music: Luray Caverns, in … Continue reading Quirky music videos

Cool animal videos

Whenever I find good videos on YouTube, I fave and categorize them. Here are some of the animal clips I faved lately: I'll post more clips like these soon. Sorry about the mouse infestation video (second in the sequence), but it's worth watching.

Life, reflected

Water is like a camera, really. It reflects life -- not exactly as life really is, but a close simile. Most often, the camera doesn't capture the moment entirely, but sometimes, it manages to do a pretty good job.