Restoring planes is one expensive hobby

Paul Allen, one of the Microsoft co-founders, turns out to have more up his sleeve than the X Prize, although it's related to it. He loves restoring old war planes. I'm not talking about painting them up so they can be placed in a museum, I'm talking about getting them up in the air! Just [...]

Air quality in airplanes

It's now been two days since I got back from my trip across the pond, and every time I blow my nose, my mucus is bloody. Sorry if I'm grossing you out, but I'm trying to make a valid point. The air in airplanes is too dry! Every time I fly for extended periods of [...]

On demand airflight to arrive by at least end of year

A company called DayJet will start taking orders from customers later this year for "on demand flying". They have these light, 4-passenger airplanes called the Eclipse 500, and will let passengers book them for flights between cities that don't normally offer commercial flights. CNET has the details in this article. I'm curious to find out [...]