Using Contenture to handle micropayments

Back in April, I wrote about micropayments, and why I thought they were an equitable way to reward web publishers for their time and effort. I shared my thoughts on ad revenues, which, for most people, are minimal and not enough to live on, unless you are one of the relatively few websites that gets [...]

Netflix Watch Instantly comes to the Mac

On October 27 (last month), Netflix started testing a new way to stream movies for its Watch Instantly feature. They began using Microsoft's Silverlight player, which is platform-independent and can still handle the DRM that movie studios love so much. This meant that Mac users were no longer left out of the picture, and could [...]

Use a Nokia N95 as a Bluetooth modem on a Mac

One of the reasons I bought a Nokia N95 was the ability to tether it as a Bluetooth modem on my MacBook Pro. I wanted to access the internet via my mobile phone if I'm away from home or from a WiFi spot. While Nokia's PC Suite of applications includes an option to tether the [...]

How to get T-Mobile Total Internet at 42% off

It's easy: sign up before 11/1/2008. Why? Because the price will apparently go up to $35/month on or around that date, according to T-Mobile Customer Service. ➡ Updated 10/27/08: Please see this comment below for an up-to-date clarification of the planned price increases. It's not as bad as I originally thought, but a price increase [...]

Where are the Condensed Knowledge posts?

Good question. Some of you have gotten quite accustomed to those daily Condensed Knowledge posts, and they've gone AWOL since last week. On the other hand, others have told me they were distracting, and detracted from the substance of my site. I'd been giving the matter some thought myself, and in the end, sided with [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-12

Stocks Rocket on Fed Rescue Plan # The IPv6 experience: Are you experienced yet? # JPEG v. RAW - TWIP # Green light for Northrop Grumman Airborne Laser Mine Detection System # Researchers develop smell based fire alarm to aid the deaf # Funny Animals, Part 10 # EXIF [...]

Thomas TimberWolf

Back in 2001, you could see some wonderful and innovative cartoons on the Internet. I'm talking about Thomas TimberWolf, an (unfortunately) short series made sometime in 2000-2001 by Chuck Jones and company. This series is possibly the last animation work of Chuck Jones, who died in 2002. This was about the same time that you [...]

Windows Family Safety

Windows Family Safety (WFS) is a new offering from Microsoft that aims to offer protection from questionable or indecent websites to families or individuals. I tried it out for a couple of weeks, and found it to work fairly well, except for a few hiccups here and there. It is a software-based internet filtering mechanism. [...]

Google bought Jaiku

Around noon today, I saw Scoble's Twitter about Google's purchase of Jaiku, and left two comments on his blog post. Basically, I said that Jaiku's purchase made sense, but that Google probably considered Twitter and found Jaiku to be less expensive. I use both Twitter and Jaiku myself. I tried using Jaiku as my primary [...]