Clatite at "La Patronul Meu"

There’s a dessert in Romania called “clatite”. It’s similar to the French crepes, but the dough is prepared somewhat differently, and a clatita is also smaller and usually folded differently than a crepe. Some translate it into English as pancake, but that’s not it either. They’re definitely not as thick, the dough is different, and they’re not left flat, but they’re folded or rolled up. What can I say — they’re a food unto their own. This is how they’re traditionally prepared. 


I’ve recently had some of the best clatite ever, at a little restaurant which I believe is called “La Patronul Meu”, in the city of Mangalia, which is a seaside resort in Romania, in the province of Dobrogea. I didn’t jot down the name, forgot to take a photo of the restaurant’s exterior, and didn’t take the receipt with us when we left, but I’m fairly sure the word “Patron” was in the restaurant’s name. It was next to a Pirate-themed restaurant, near the docks. 

Down by the docks

These clatite were prepared with peach jam and topped with raspberry jam. The dough was just right: not too crisp, not too soft, and they were exquisitely delicious. If you’re ever in Mangalia, stop by this restaurant and order some; you won’t regret it. Here’s what they looked like. 


And by all means, order some of the other food on the menu, too. Mmm, mmm, good, and the service was friendly and prompt. 

If you want to make some yourself, check out these recipes.