Discerning among LCD monitors

I've been looking at various LCD monitors lately, because I'd like to get one for my laptop. Truth be told, I'm more confused than when I started. There's a dizzying array of prices among various brands, in the same size display, and not a whole lot of explanation as to why that is. Sure, every [...]

Price wars are bad for everyone

I believe a lot in equitable pricing. A product's price should be able to net its creator a decent profit -- not a huge profit, not a tiny profit, because that makes it hard to go on, and certainly not a loss. That's why I'm really annoyed with the recent price wars in the hardware [...]

Free shipping worth more than a big discount

From TechDirt: "For years, there have been controversies (especially among financial types) over whether or not e-commerce shops should offer free shipping, especially as some fear that it takes too big a bite out of the bottom line. However, there's more to free shipping than just the saved money. Researchers are finally starting to look [...]

Local coupons at Zixxo

A website called Zixxo has launched to allow coupon creation and distribution via RSS feeds. Businesses can log on and create coupons, specify local or national distribution, and consumers can access and use them. Nice! See link for details.