Sunset driving

The Maryland countryside is just beautiful, and we love to drive around whenever we can. Mostly, we go out in the evenings, looking for great spots where I can get photos of the sunsets. Here are a few I got recently in the rural areas around Poolesville: Incidentally, we get around with our little sidekick, [...]

Night falls gently on the old river

This was taken from the roof of the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in Arlington, VA. I'd just finished a meeting and asked a favor from John, the hospitality manager: could he please let me go up for a few minutes to take photos? He kindly agreed, and he, along with a security guard, escorted me [...]

The sky at sunset

The evening sky, in particular during those moments when the sun is just about to go down below the horizon, gets me every time. I took a series of photos last evening, and wanted to share the more notable ones with you. Photos are from North Bethesda, MD.