A very cool walk around the Gaza pyramids

This fellow called Jason Clay is working out of Cairo, Egypt, as a graphic designer, and he's put together these great videos of the pyramids made up of hundreds of still shots. He walked around them, and took shots every 10 seconds. The result is very cool!

The new VW Phaeton Plant and Storage Facility

Once again, German engineering perfection has me dropping my jaw... Stumbled onto photos from: The VW Phaeton assembly plant in Dresden, Germany, and The VW storage facility in Wolfsburg, Germany I have never seen anything like this - it is seriously cool! Can you believe those immaculate floors and assembly areas?! This is amazing.

Offset electricity costs through wind turbines

I live in a high-rise condo building, and during one of our building's board meetings, the discussion arrived at the topic of reducing electricity costs. Immediately I thought about the possibility of placing wind-driven turbines on the top of our building. There is always a good breeze up there, and the electricity produced by the … Continue reading Offset electricity costs through wind turbines