The Beatrix Potter Collection (2008)

The Beatrix Potter Collection (3 DVD set) was just released for sale on 2/12. Ligia and I bought the set just a few days ago, and we're very happy that we did it. The series was done very well by the BBC. Each DVD contains three animated stories, and each story has a live action [...]

Digitizing my VHS library

Over the past few months, whenever I get some free time, I stick in an old VHS tape into my trusty Samsung SV5000W VCR, and using my Plextor ConvertX PVR (PX-TV402U), I digitize it. I'm really mostly interested in my library of Disney movies (feature-length animation). I have tapes from as early as 1992, and [...]

Animation is hard work!

A wonderful video from the late 1930s, a newsreel, has been posted to YouTube. It depicts Fleischer studios in action, making a Popeye cartoon. In this age of computer animation, when things work differently, it's a real treat to see animators in action, drawing for a change. Golly, cartoons were sure hard to make! We, [...]

ABC’s of Hand Tools

In 1946, Disney made an industrial short for General Motors called "ABC's of Hand Tools". While the whereabouts of that movie, which must have been entertaining, are unknown, the handbook is still with us. Cartoon Brew has the details in this post, along with a link to a PDF of that book. This is funny [...]


Cartoon Brew has a link to Sharon Colman's short film, "BADGERED", which was nominated for an Oscar this year. Here's the link to their post, and the direct link to the movie. Just saw it, love it!

Little Swee' Pea

Today on Refrederator: Little Swee' Pea. A trademark of the Zukor cartoons were the multi-layered backgrounds that moved at different speeds, creating the impression of 3-dimensionality. Some of the Popeye cartoons use them, this one included, and all of the Betty Boop cartoons feature them as a mainstay. Have a look and see for yourselves!

Disney recycled animation frames

Cartoon Brew has a post linking to a Russian site, where they do side by side comparisons of frames, to show you how often Disney animators reused animation sequences. The site is in Russian, but the photos are readily understandable, so I encourage you to visit it. This is pretty interesting. I hadn't known about [...]

Tunes for 'Toons Screening

From Cartoon Brew: "Next Saturday, April 29th, ASIFA-Hollywood is holding a special film program and lecture illustrating the world of music as seen through classic Hollywood cartoons. Animation historian Daniel Goldmark will be discussing the story behind the musicians who made our favorite musical cartoons." Here's the link.

Foney Fables

Today on Refrederator: "Foney Fables" 🙂 This is classic cartoon satire of the beautiful fables of youth. Many of these were made in the 40's. A really nice bonus: can you recognize the voice of the boy who cries wolf? How about the voice of the duck that lays the golden eggs? Hint: think Looney [...]

Attack of the viral campaign ads

From Wired News: "It's the hottest new trend in political advertising: Lampoon your opponent in an online cartoon, and hope it goes viral. By Steve Friess." Problem is, we tend to be less critical of critical cartoon ads... When an opponent muckrakes another in a real ad, we think he's a schmuck. But when he [...]