At home in FL

This is a short video recorded in the yard of our home in South Florida, in December 2008. It features flora and fauna typical of our sub-tropical climate, such as palm and pine trees, ficus, lizards, and various flowers. I recorded these sequences with a (then) new digital camera, the Kodak EasyShare Z1015 IS, a [...]

What I did in 2007

I made a concerted effort to write consistently and with substance in 2007. Product reviews are one of the foundational pieces of my site. I enjoy doing them, and people seem to enjoy reading them. I thought I'd highlight the most important ones from 2007 below. Camera reviews (in chronological order) The thing to keep [...]

Camera review: Kodak EasyShare v610 Dual Lens

I have owned the Kodak EasyShare v610 Dual Lens digital camera for the past year and a half, and I've meant to write about it for some time. This will be a nostalgic review, since the camera is no longer being made. Last weekend, I put together an 8-minute video review, and also took some [...]