My photographic portfolio

❗ Updated 8/16/09: I now have an entirely new standalone photo catalog with e-commerce enabled, which means you can instantly purchase prints (in varying sizes and finishes) or digital downloads (at varying resolutions according to your needs) of each of my published photos. The link is the same as below: See this page for… More My photographic portfolio

Merry Christmas!

I know Christmas isn’t celebrated by everyone, but if you’re one of those who does celebrate it, Merry Christmas! Even though the origins of the date are pagan, the meaning we have chosen to ascribe to it over time is certainly worth celebrating. For those among us who are Christians, it means our Savior’s birth.… More Merry Christmas!

Christmas abstracts

I thought I’d put together some Christmas abstract photos I’ve taken lately. As mentioned in past posts, I love abstract photos, and I love out of focus photos even more, but only when they’re done right. I’m not saying I own the recipe for making out of focus photos, but I like the way mine… More Christmas abstracts