A drive along the Somes river

We recently had the chance to explore a portion of the Maramures countryside that's seldom seen by "civilized" eyes. While trying to find a new route, we stumbled onto a dirt road alongside the Somes River, which connects the village of Remeti pe Somes with Cheud, another village that sits on the Somes river. The [...]

Downtown Baia Mare, still stuck in the 80s

We walked through downtown Baia Mare recently, where I took these photos. As I wrote before, I have a few gripes with the lack of urban planning and renovation going on in that area. Look at the photos, try to imagine the foreign-made cars aren't there, and you'll have to admit to yourself that the [...]

Castelul Grofului din Pribilesti (Boyar’s Castle)

In the village of Pribilesti, province of Maramures, in Romania, there's a beautiful little castle called simply "Castelul Grofului", or, roughly translated, The Boyar's Castle (see definition of a boyar). As the story goes, when the Austro-Hungarian empire invaded Romania and took over most of its lands, a ruler was set over that region. The [...]

New town center, Baia Mare, Romania

We began our recent trip through Bucovina in the city of Baia Mare, the capital of the province of Maramures in Romania. A few interesting tidbits about the city: It has a Mediterranean-like climate, which means it can support chestnut trees -- a rarity given that it's located in the northern part of Romania, which [...]

A trip through Bucovina

As announced, we returned last week from a road trip that took me through northern Maramures, Bucovina, Moldova and northern Transilvania. (These are all provinces in Romania, by the way.) Ligia, my parents and I packed into our car and spent about 1 ½ weeks on the road, visiting various places, mostly in Bucovina. We [...]