Lacul Oasa and Transalpina

The second leg of our trip through the Southern Carpathian Mountains, whose first leg took us through Obarsia Lotrului and Lacul Vidra, now took us by Lacul Oasa and the Northern portion of the Transalpina, a high-altitude road which offers unsurpassed vistas and which I documented through photos in late fall of last year. This [...]

Lacul Vidra and Obarsia Lotrului

We drove into Lacul Vidra and Obarsia Lotrului this past weekend. The approximate location we visited is this one. It's a wonderful drive that offers gorgeous vistas (as most roads in Romania do), and because it's not summer yet, the roads are relatively empty, meaning we were able to take our time and stop wherever [...]

Winter in Poiana Brasov and Brasov

Ligia and I got to spend a bit of time in Poiana Brasov recently. Following are a few photos I took as we visited the mountain resort after some significant snowfall. Naturally, everything was blanketed in the smooth, powdery white stuff, and the light just happened to be perfect. Incidentally, these are some of the [...]

The Paltinis mountains in autumn

We visited the mountain resort of Paltinis today. It's about 25-30 km from Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania, and the road to it is in pretty good shape. The views are wonderful, so if you're in the area, drive on over. Funny thing about Paltinis... It's the place where I almost wasn't... My mom was skiing on [...]

First snow on the Transalpina Road

Transalpina is the highest road in Romania. It's also quite possibly its most picturesque; it certainly offers the most beautiful sights I've seen in Romania so far. It connects Transilvania to Oltenia, and the official length of the entire road is 148 km from Novaci to Sebes, although only a stretch of 30-40 km travels [...]

Just give me a good zoom lens, thanks

Greetings from Osttirol! My wife and I have been vacationing in Austria for the past week. It's a gorgeous place to visit and, needless to say, I took tons of photos here. I've been carrying my Canon 5D and my lenses with me everywhere, and let me tell you, I've been sorely in need of [...]

Shenandoah Valley panoramas

You are about to see several panoramic photos that have taken me well over 35 hours to create -- and I'm not counting travel time, setup time, time it took to take the photos, and the time it took to write this post. A couple of weekends ago, Ligia and I got into our MINI [...]

Dawn over the Atlantic Ocean

This will be my 1,000th post, so perhaps it's fitting that it be this: photos of the dawn, breaking high above the clouds, somewhere near the coast of France. It symbolizes a new beginning, a milestone -- although I have to confess it came by surprise. I hadn't monitored the number of posts for a [...]