Fun with blur

There are all sorts of blurring effects you can create, either when you take photos (when they can be intentional or not -- but hey, sometimes they're happy accidents) or after the fact, in processing. When you press the shutter, you can create movement blur or zoom blur. Or you can take a perfectly normal [...]

My own sort of HDR

I've been intrigued by HDR (High Dynamic Range) post-processing for some time. At its best, it renders incredible images. At its worst, average, and even good, it renders completely unrealistic, overprocessed, unwatchable crud. Even some of the best images made with HDR methods seem weird. They're not right -- somehow too strange for my eyes. [...]

The Photoshop Anthology, by Corrie Haffly

I find Corrie Haffly's book, "The Photoshop Anthology", to be very useful to me. Being a web developer, involved in all aspects of site design and coding, her book is a great resource as I work on a design. In it, she teaches the readers how to use Photoshop to their advantage, for the specific [...]