My wife's ratatouille

My wife made ratatouille for us yesterday. We're big fans of the movie Ratatouille (2007), and we wanted to see what the recipe tastes like. She looked up several on the internet, picked one that she thought would be good and made it, only to find out it didn't taste all that great. No problem [...]

Adrian Holovaty

It turns out Adrian Holovaty, the co-creator of the open-source Django Web framework, also plays the guitar. My wife found a few videos of him on YouTube and sent them to me. The videos aren't recorded professionally -- it's him in front of a webcam, with a small mike placed on the table close to [...]

Tommy Emmanuel CGP

I found about about Tommy Emmanuel recently, from a YouTube video that showed him playing a wild and incredible version of "Guitar Boogie". That particular video was afterward removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim from an entertainment company. Still, thanks to someone from that same entertainment company (see comment #1 below), I found [...]