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Fresh honeycomb for breakfast

Sometimes the very simple breakfasts are the best. Raw honey, scooped out of a fresh honeycomb just picked from the beehive, made by happy, healthy bees growing on pesticide-free land, slathered onto fresh-baked bread and washed down with raw almond milk. This is the ambrosia of the gods.



This episode will show you how to make a raw almond cake (with the fruits of your choice) from the pulp of the almond milk. For those who say raw food is expensive, I submit this as proof that it isn’t. If you can make milk and cake from the same basic ingredients, that’s a pretty good deal in anyone’s checkbook.

As usual, English subtitles are provided. Just click through to see the video directly on YouTube, where subtitles will be displayed.

Episode LK-009-RO-HD
Released 2/13/11


My wife's ratatouille

My wife made ratatouille for us yesterday. We’re big fans of the movie Ratatouille (2007), and we wanted to see what the recipe tastes like. She looked up several on the internet, picked one that she thought would be good and made it, only to find out it didn’t taste all that great. No problem — being the great chef that she is, she changed it on the fly, and in the end, it came out unbelievably delicious. It may not have looked like it did in the movie…


… but let me tell you, my reaction was just about the same as Anton Ego’s when I took the first bite.


If you’d like to see how she made it, the recipe’s posted on her website. Enjoy!