We all know we can make raw almond milk with a blender, but did you know that you can also make it with a cold-press juicer?

Video Log

Fresh honeycomb for breakfast

Sometimes the very simple breakfasts are the best. Raw honey, scooped out of a fresh honeycomb just picked from the beehive, made by happy, healthy bees growing on pesticide-free land, slathered onto fresh-baked bread and washed down with raw almond milk. This is the ambrosia of the gods.



See how easy (and quick) you can make almond flour at home, in this new episode of Ligia’s Kitchen! Almond flour is a great (and healthier) substitute for wheat flour. It’s used in the raw food diet as well as the gluten-free diet. You can use it for bread, cakes, cookies and even milk!

Released 1/18/12