Raoul Pop and Tom Lovelock

Romania Through Their Eyes – Tom Lovelock (RTTE-009)

Four years and two months after the first interview with Tom Lovelock, we sit down for a second time and talk about Romania.

Tom Lovelock is a retired sales manager for Jaguar and an ex-policeman from the UK, who moved to Romania together with his wife five years ago (at the time of filming this episode).

This is the ninth episode of “Romania Through Their Eyes”, a show featuring interviews with foreigners living in Romania. The show’s purpose is to get their impressions about the country and to start a dialogue which will lead to a greater understanding of the issues facing Romanians and Romania.

Music: “Ballade no. 4 in F minor, Op. 52″ by Frederic Chopin, performed by Frank Levy. Track is public domain, obtained from Musopen.org.

Released 4/17/15

Romania Through Their Eyes – Odessa Toma (RTTE-007)

Episode seven of my interview series, Romania Through Their Eyes, is now live and can be seen on my YouTube channel. It’s an interview with Odessa Toma, an American from Louisiana who married a Romanian and moved to Romania. The interview recounts their story and the sacrifices they’ve made and are making in order to live in the country with their three children, two girls and one boy.

Released 1/4/12

If you’d like to keep in touch with Odessa and her life, here’s her blog. You can also find her on Facebook.

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Happy New Year!

Romania Through Their Eyes – Damian Galvin (RTTE-006)

I’m happy to present to you the much awaited sixth episode of Romania Through Their Eyes, the first episode of the show’s second season — an interview with Damian Galvin, a Brit who left behind a job as a Design Manager at Aston Martin in order to live in Romania.

Damian moved to Romania four years ago and lives near Brasov where he manages properties (his own and those of his clients). He travels frequently through Romania to manage the various properties, and he also “commutes” between Romania and the UK, to keep his affairs there in order as well.

I’d initially planned to release this episode at the start of the month; busy schedules and editing issues intervened. However, the episode is so interesting that it’s worth the wait!

One last thing: the first season was broadcast in 720p. With this second season, I’ve started to broadcast in 1080p.


Released 11/25/11

Romania Through Their Eyes – Paul Hemmerth (RTTE-005)

This (long-awaited) episode presents the story of Paul Hemmerth, a Saxon born and raised in Romania during Ceausescu’s regime, who emigrated to Germany with his family at the age of fourteen, and who came back, drawn inexplicably by the land of his birth, to spend as much time as he can, each year, in the Romanian countryside.

Paul has a website called SlowlyPlanet, where he promotes slow tourism — travel at a leisurely pace, where you can take in all that you see. We filmed the episode at Casa Noah, his B&B in Richis (Reichesdorf), a village near Medias in Southern Transilvania.

Various occurrences (some of which couldn’t be helped) delayed the release of this episode. The hard drive on my editing computer died, and the repairs took almost a week. We also had some scheduled travel abroad, and that delayed us by another week. Further shooting for the episode introduced an extra day or so to the workflow, and the extra editing time introduced by the show’s new format added another three full days to the schedule.

I really do hope you’ll enjoy the new format. It’s a lot more work for me during the filming and especially during the editing, because of the two-camera setup, but it makes the show more engaging. Just to give you a quick idea of the data behind the show, the raw footage comes to about 44 GB of 1080p video. The final version of the episode is 4.3 GB of 720p video, and it’s about 55 minutes long.


Episode RTTE-005-DE-HD
Released 6/19/11

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Romania Through Their Eyes – Chuckk Hubbard (RTTE-004)

I published the fourth episode of Romania Through Their Eyes late last night. It’s an interview with an American, Chuckk Hubbard, who’s from Philadelphia.

Chuckk’s story is interesting, because he chose to come to Romania to be with his Romanian wife, Irina Hasnas. They met while in college. Irina was there on a Fulbright scholarship, and Chuckk was studying music composition. At the end of their studies, Irina had to return to Romania (it was stipulated in the contract of her scholarship), and Chuckk came with her. They’ve now been here for almost four years, and in the interview, Chuckk talks about his experiences during that time.

I need to apologize because some fragments of the video are out of focus. It was a camera malfunction which I didn’t notice until the editing stages, weeks after the shoot. Unfortunately there is no way to adjust focus in post-production, although it would certainly be a very useful feature for any piece of software.

On a more fun note, has anyone noticed a pattern in the release dates for the show’s episodes?

Episode RTTE-004-EN-HD
Released 5/5/11

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Romania Through Their Eyes – Laurie Webb (RTTE-003)

The third episode of my show, Romania Through Their Eyes, has just gone live. This interview features Laurie Webb, who is from Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. He moved to Romania about a year ago, and he is currently renovating an old Saxon home in the village of Roandola, Southern Transilvania, in order to turn it into a bed and breakfast called Casa Cristina Roandola.

As with the first episode, both English and Romanian subtitles will be available. In order to access them, you’ll need to see the video directly on YouTube, so either click on the video above, or click on the link below. Once on YouTube, use the CC button to select the language for the subtitles.

Episode RTTE-003-EN-HD
Released 4/4/11

A couple of things: