A bouquet of chrysanthemums

Friends of ours had a gorgeous bouquet of chrysanthemums at their place, and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos. These were taken handheld, with the wonderful 580 EX speedlite from Canon and the 100mm macro lens.


We had our first snowfall of the season yesterday, here in the DC area. We couldn’t miss the opportunity and went out to take photos. Autumn’s few last vestiges hung precariously by their frozen stems. Snow fell quietly upon the brook behind our building. It weighed down these oak leaves as well. The brook kept… More Snow!

Thomas TimberWolf

Back in 2001, you could see some wonderful and innovative cartoons on the Internet. I’m talking about Thomas TimberWolf, an (unfortunately) short series made sometime in 2000-2001 by Chuck Jones and company. This series is possibly the last animation work of Chuck Jones, who died in 2002. This was about the same time that you… More Thomas TimberWolf