Mozy advertising versus user experience

A few months ago, I was interested in offsite backup, and thought I'd give Mozy a try. Their Home Backup plan intrigued me. It was only $4.95, and was billed as unlimited. Could it actually work as advertised? Short answer is no, not by a long shot. Sure, it only costs $4.95/month. That much is [...]

New Year's Day at Amsterdam Airport

We flew with KLM from IAD (Washington-Dulles airport in the US) to OTP (Otopeni-Bucharest airport in Romania) during this past New Year's Eve and Day. I highly recommend KLM, we've had the best flying experience with them of all the airlines we've used so far. I should warn you that Delta handles the ticketing and [...]

Hooray for Netflix Watch Instantly abroad

❗ Updated 8/11/11: The loophole detailed in this post has been closed off by Netflix, but there's a simple way to bypass their new rules, provided you have a US credit card and mailing address. I've written a new how-to article that details how I've been watching Netflix from outside the US for the past [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-23

Ford Transit Connect Concept # Soft, Squeezable, Huggable Phone # Metamophing Computer Interfaces # Another Touchscreen Phone But Wait, This One Has A Surprise! # All Ears: 1943 # Terminal Tip: Safari 3.1 brings true one-window mode # Breakaway: Headphone Jack Manipulation # Tete-a-Tete: 1922 # Fake [...]

The packages return… again

I can't make this stuff up, seriously. I had another shipment of boxes returned to me by FedEx. I was using pre-printed labels sent to me by Data Robotics themselves. I sent back two Drobos to them a week ago, and the same boxes are now sitting back in my home. One was a replacement [...]

USPS, how slow can you go?

I've written about the USPS before, and how slow and unreliable it can be. I want to give you an idea of how terrible their service can be with hard, indisputable evidence (see screen shots enclosed below). A package was mailed to us from a vendor on 11/14/2007. It came from Capitol Heights, Maryland, and [...]