Ligia’s Kitchen: Raw Mint Ice Cream

We published the eighteenth episode of Ligia's Kitchen today. It's a delicious and refreshing summer recipe: mint ice cream, made from raw cashews and fresh mint, handpicked from our own garden. This episode marks a first for me. It's the first edited with Final Cut Pro X, the new version of FCP. I figured the [...]

Ligia’s Kitchen: Green Smoothie

We (Ligia and I) present episode 16 of Ligia's Kitchen, published for your viewing pleasure late last night. It shows you how to make a nutritious green smoothie. The green smoothie is, of course, a basic raw vegan recipe, but one which is often prepared incorrectly. If the fruits and vegetables used as its ingredients [...]

Ligia’s Kitchen: Raw Winter Salad with Mayo

It's the 10th episode of Ligia's Kitchen! Our show's already been viewed over 20,000 times, and the views just keep coming. Considering that it's in Romanian (not English), and there's plenty of competition from the American market, I think that's really good! This week's recipe is a raw winter salad with (of course) raw mayonnaise. [...]