We just published episode 32 of our show, Ligia’s Kitchen, featuring a delicious entree made from lentils and scallions, seasoned with dill, lemon and salt. Ever since Ligia created the recipe a couple of months ago, she’s made it for us at least once a week, and it’s still great, every time I taste it. It’s a wonderful summer recipe.

Released 6/25/12


It’s the 10th episode of Ligia’s Kitchen! Our show’s already been viewed over 20,000 times, and the views just keep coming. Considering that it’s in Romanian (not English), and there’s plenty of competition from the American market, I think that’s really good!

This week’s recipe is a raw winter salad with (of course) raw mayonnaise. It’s easy to make, and its ingredients are easy to find during winter in just about any supermarket. Enjoy!

English subtitles available on YouTube (click on the video to go there).

Episode LK-010-RO-HD
Released 2/20/11

Episode 8 of Ligia’s Kitchen is out, as of a few minutes ago. This week’s recipe is raw almond milk. It’s easy, quick, delicious and economical. But don’t take my word for it. Try it out for yourselves!

Episode LK-008-RO-HD
Released 1/30/11

As I looked through my posts this morning, I realized that I’d forgotten to blog the third episode of Ligia’s Kitchen, which we released around Christmas time. It’s a delicious raw mint chocolate cake which takes about 15 minutes to make.

Episode LK-003-RO-HD
Released 12/26/10

We published the fifth episode of my wife’s cooking show, Ligia’s Kitchen, yesterday evening. This week’s recipe is simple and delicious — Ligia will teach you how to make “Raffaello”-like sweets from two ingredients: dates and coconut flakes.

As usual, English subtitles are available, so make sure to click on YouTube’s CC button if you can’t see them.

Bon appetit!

Released 1/9/11

The 4th episode of my lovely wife’s cooking show, Ligia’s Kitchen, is out today. This week’s recipe is raw vegan rice milk with walnuts and cinnamon — a traditional raw vegan recipe adapted for our tastes.

As with all our video shows, there are English subtitles available by clicking on YouTube’s CC (Closed Captioning) button — and we’re filming in HD, so you can see all the little details. Enjoy!

Released 1/3/11

The second episode of my wife’s new cooking show, Ligia’s Kitchen, is out. This time, it’s a traditional American holiday recipe, Spiced Apple Punch, which can be raw vegan if prepared at temperatures under 40 °C or 104 °F, using a slow cooker or a rice cooker.


Released 12/20/10

My wife and I are raw vegans. We eat a 60-75% raw vegan diet, supplemented with some cooked foods. The recommended ratio is 75% raw / 25% cooked.

We’ve been planning these past several months to put together a raw vegan cooking show, which will show people how to change their diets and lifestyles so they can live longer, healthier, more peaceful lives. Today, I’m happy to say it’s become a reality. Ligia’s new show, entitled “Ligia’s Kitchen“, is live!

This summer, we renovated the spaces where we film the show, I built the new kitchen furniture (more on that later), and last week, we were finally able to start filming. Here’s the first episode, just released today.

We’re filming and releasing in HD, which should really help you see what Ligia’s doing as she prepares each recipe. Even though the show’s in Romanian, we’re providing English subtitles for everyone who speaks it (which should be a LOT of people). If there’s enough demand for another language, we’ll do our best to provide subtitles for it as well.


Released 12/15/10


Ligia featured in Romanian magazine

My lovely wife’s blog is featured in the October edition of “Pe Tocuri“, a popular Romanian magazine written for women. Since my knowledge of women’s magazines is virtually non-existent, I don’t have an American counterpart that I could use for a comparison, but I was certainly impressed with its thickness — each monthly issue is about 100 pages, and it’s not chock full of ads like the thick American periodicals, either.

Ligia was selected because they found her all-natural, raw recipes to be delicious and interesting. My photos of her culinary creations appeared in the magazine as well, which made me happy. Of course, there had to be a fly in the ointment — they spelled my name wrong on the photos, even though I spelled it correctly in an email to them. Just how do you spell a 5-letter name wrong when you have it right in front of you? Is it that difficult to copy and paste? It looks like Americans and Romanians alike seem to have trouble with my name…

If you speak or read Romanian, you’re welcome to check out the magazine. You can even download each issue as a PDF. I enclosed a couple of screenshots of the page where Ligia appears below. She’s on page 82, along with a few other Romanian cooking blogs of note.