How many of my photos were stolen?

For the moment, this is a rhetorical question. I've been re-thinking the way I publish my photos online in view of the recent and very prominent theft of Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir's photos from Flickr. Call me naive, but I really believed, and still would like to believe, that people will wish to stay legal and pay [...]

More good things

Didn't get a chance to post the review of the S9100 yet, but the 30D review unit arrived today and I got to play with it tonight. And, most importantly, I sold my first photo today. It was a direct sale. Someone liked one of my photos and wanted to use it. I don't know [...]

Here's to a few milestones

This weekend, I (or rather my photos) reached an important milestone. I/they crossed over 100,000 views. That's amazing as far as I'm concerned. In the relatively short span of four months, I got to the point where I'm getting more than 1,000 views per day, and have now reached 100,000 views. It was just back [...]

Winnowing my photos

I seldom keep more than 50-60% of the photos I take. There's no reason to waste my disk space with digital trash. It's funny, the more photos I shoot, the less of them I keep. Lately, only about 10-20% of my photos manage to survive deletion. It's an inversely proportional relationship. When I decided to [...]

Giving thanks for innovative technology

This year, there were a handful of technology/software products that truly changed my life, and I wanted to take a little time to thank their makers publicly. The first, and most important, is WordPress. Without it, this site wouldn't exist, because I wouldn't have had the opportunity to combine the content from my various other [...]

If you can't see the photos on this site

Just had a friend tell me he can't see the photos in my posts, so I called him and we figured out the problem. There are two things to check, and this solution applies to all blogs out there that might have this problem. Are you at work? If you are, there's a good chance [...]

Some big news at ComeAcross

I finally finished working on a new look for the site (version 1 wasn't as flexible and easy to maintain as I wanted it to be) and also propagated that new look throughout the various ComeAcross sections. Yes, this means that whether you visit the main site (blog) or the podcast, or the current news [...]