A whole body workout II

This is a second whole body workout I wanted to share with you (here's my first one). I reached new maxes in this workout on the clean and press, deadlift and t-bar rows. I did the following exercises: Good Mornings Clean and Press Deadlifts T-Bar Rows New maxes: New max on the clean and press: [...]

An arms workout

Here's a recent arms workout I did, filmed by Ligia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePfJCCcy74s I performed the following exercises: Warmed up with standing dumbbell curls, followed by regular sets of the same, Triceps rope extensions, Standing curls with preacher bar, Dips, Concentration curls, Alternate sets of prone and supine triceps pulldowns and My original variation on one-arm preacher [...]

A chest workout

Here's one of my chest workouts, captured on video by Ligia recently. I warmed up with standing cable flyes, followed by the workout, which consisted of incline dumbbell presses, dips, machine chest presses, lying cable flies and incline dumbbell flyes.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb0hjqju-bk I talked about each exercise in various detail, giving advice gleaned from my experience. At [...]

My progress from December 2012 to March 2013

First I'd like to say this: for those of you uninterested in bodybuilding and wondering why I write about the subject on my site, it's for three reasons: I began weight training in 1994-95 and am still passionate about it, many years later. My interest in weight training and bodybuilding pre-dates this website by about [...]

My Wonder Smoothie Recipe

Those of you who've only followed my website for a few years or less may not know it from the current content, but the very first set of articles I wrote online were about exercise and bodybuilding, back in 2001. Go ahead, browse through my archives to see what I mean. Given that I've started [...]