Catching a code injection hacker in the act

Several days ago, I installed the Redirection plugin from Urban Giraffe. It's truly awesome, in more ways than one. John Godley, you are an amazing programmer! As I re-arranged the categories on my blog, I tracked the 404 errors through the plugin. On Saturday morning, I noticed the following bit of information in my log: [...]

The winner of the "Object-Oriented PHP" book drawing

... is Trevor Carpenter! I announced the drawing on Tuesday, 9/25, and the deadline was the evening of Friday, 9/24. I'm going to mail the book to Trevor shortly. Trevor has a few websites, and they're all worth mentioning. First we have his personal site/blog, then his photoblog, called CamarilloWalk, his professional photography site, called [...]

The value of microblogging services (part two)

This is Part Two of a mini-series on microblogging services such as Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce. You can read Part One here. I promised you yesterday that I'd continue to discuss microblogging services in today's post, and in particular, to show you how I use them to promote my own content and that of other [...]

The value of microblogging services (part one)

When Twitter came on the scene, no one knew quite what to make of it. "What's the point?" was the most frequently asked question. When Jaiku got started about the same time, people again asked that same question. When Pownce got started recently, I was the one asking that question. As a matter of fact, [...]

Happy (belated) Birthday to ComeAcross!

After getting home this evening, I remembered (and it wasn't the first time) that I've neglected to write about my blog's first birthday. It is, after all, a momentous occasion, and needless to say, one I won't encounter for some time again... 🙂 If you haven't already, have a quick look at the About page. [...]

Keeping up with the news

It's so easy to spread yourself thin these modern times... You've got news up the wazoo, 24x7, from a gazillion sources. On top of that, you've got blogs, with experts expounding on the virtues of this and that, and why it should matter to you, and you've got feeds of all sorts you can subscribe [...]

Here's to a few milestones

This weekend, I (or rather my photos) reached an important milestone. I/they crossed over 100,000 views. That's amazing as far as I'm concerned. In the relatively short span of four months, I got to the point where I'm getting more than 1,000 views per day, and have now reached 100,000 views. It was just back [...]

My favorite blogs and feeds

I've wanted to publish a list of my favorite blogs and feeds for some time, so here goes... These are blogs/feeds I read either daily, or at least once a week, and they're listed in alphabetical order. Some of them are from established news sources, and some are personal blogs. They're a snapshot of my [...]

Who we are

➡ Updated 3/9/08: This post reflects the state of the site back when it was still called ComeAcross and I'd just started it. That's no longer the case, as I've combined all of my content since at this domain. For more on that switch, have a look at the About page. If I asked you [...]