Here’s the fifth episode of our talk show, De Vorba cu Ligia. In this episode, we talk about the launch of Ligia’s pregnancy advice book, “Jurnal de Sarcina”, which took place on May 12th, 2014, and about the 7th edition of our raw food and lifestyle expo, Raw Generation Expo, which took place on May 11th, 2014. Both events took place in Bucharest. Enjoy!

Released 05.05.2014

Welcome to episode 20 of our raw food cooking show, Ligia’s Kitchen! It struck me a while back — about the time we started it, that a raw food cooking show is a contradiction in terms. After all, if it’s raw food, it isn’t cooked, but what else could we call it? A raw food uncooking show? Somehow that doesn’t have the same ring.

Ligia presents an original recipe in this episode, a Glazed Cranberry Cake, which is a great addition to any Thanksgiving feast. (You know what else would be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table? Spiced Apple Punch, naturally.)

Being raw foodists, our own feast will have no turkey or animal products, but I know we’ll be stuffed in the end just the same. And as I always like to point out to those who still eat traditional foods, you can eat raw foods till you burst and still not have the pounds to show for it, like you would after the usual holiday feasts. In my book, that’s a huge plus.

Episode LK-020-EN-HD, with Romanian subtitles
Released 11/21/2011


It’s fall, and it’s time for season two of Ligia’s Kitchen! We returned to action with episode 19, which presents a way to make delicious guacamole in about three minutes. Guacamole is a naturally raw recipe, and when eaten with raw vegan bread, it makes for a wonderful raw meal.

LK-019-EN-HD with Romanian subtitles
Released 10/14/11

This episode was recorded in English, not Romanian, as has been the case so far. We did this for the sake of our international viewers. We also found that a lot of the Romanians who watched our show also knew or could understand English, so when thinking about how to reach a larger audience, English was the perfect fit. Romanian is now available as a subtitle track in the video (just click on the CC button to enable it).


We published the eighteenth episode of Ligia’s Kitchen today. It’s a delicious and refreshing summer recipe: mint ice cream, made from raw cashews and fresh mint, handpicked from our own garden.

This episode marks a first for me. It’s the first edited with Final Cut Pro X, the new version of FCP. I figured the best way to learn it was to jump right in and do some work, and this eighteenth episode is the result.

LK-018-RO-HD with English subtitles
Released 7/5/11